About Us

The world needs music just like you need us.

At Strings & Keys we take care of all your musical needs to keep the magical world of music alive. We cater to those musicians and music lovers who are on the lookout for expert and professional service for their musical instruments.

Strings & Keys in UAE began with an initiative to provide equal focus for all musical instruments and not just any particular instrument. Henceforth, we undertake services, tuning and maintenance of all musical instruments in UAE.

At Strings & Keys we combine technology along with passion to render all kinds of services to your musical instruments. We can confidently and proudly say that we have skilled and experienced technicians on the job with years of practice and exposure to keep the music in your life alive.

Strings & Keys provides services for the following musical instruments irrespective of the different brands they belong to :

  • Grand piano, Upright piano
  • Classic guitar, Electric guitar
  • Electric keyboard
  • Mouth organ
  • Accordion
  • Trumpet
  • Tabla
  • Flute
  • Drum set
  • Violin
  • Oud


Our Mission

To provide proficient service to all your musical instruments thereby enriching the quality of music in your life.

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