Why you should tune your piano once every three months?

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While living in Dubai where the climate is mostly hot and humid, there is bound to be many changes affecting us humans and musical instruments are no exception. The piano is categorized as a wooden instrument and the atmospheric changes are most likely to affect the wood used in the piano. That said, piano which is a percussion instrument also gets affected with the atmospheric changes, alteration in temperature, humidity etc.

Percussion instruments produce sounds upon beating or striking and in case of the piano, the sound is produced by the beating of the hammers on the strings. These changes can affect the pitch of the piano and frequent playing of the instrument can make it sound out of tune. When the pitch is not right, you know that it is time to call in the piano tuner. Piano tuning must be done in time and whenever you feel there is a change in the sound produced by the piano. Timely tuning of the piano helps it to work smoothly without creating any friction or tensions.

Now you know how vital piano tuning in Dubai is? Tuning your piano frequently when out of tune helps produce better sound quality and keeps your instrument in good shape for a really long time.

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